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This page is currently under construction.

We aim to update and add our 2024 policies here over the coming months.

There is no evidence to suggest that children learn better within the confines of a classroom

Performance Management of Teachers and Headteachers

Procedure for dealing with redundancy

What the Governors have been discussing 

Please speak to us first to give us the opportunity to resolve your concerns

Our children's welfare is our primary concern

Ysgol San Sior is a Church in Wales Voluntary Aided School


Framework for making decisionson staff pay


Children start the September following their third birthday.


Essential reading for all parents with children at our school

Contract between school, parents and pupils

Transition Plan

A comitment to ensuring better transition between primary and secondary

Pupils with healthcare needs should be properly supported so that they have full access to education, including trips and physical education

‘the disclosure by an employee of confidential information which relates to some danger, fraud or other illegal or unethical conduct connected with the work place, be it of the employee or his/her fellow employees’

We encourage good behaviour and self-discipline in order to achieve a high quality of education for all children

This policy sets out how we seek to protect personal data 

The school  is committed to creating a working environment where all are treated with dignity and respect.


We are committed to the successful inclusion of pupils with Additional Learning Needs. Every teacher is a teacher of all pupils, including those with ALN.




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