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Our School Council




The School Council meet at least once a month and this page is managed by Maisie and Josh 

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We have merged the Eco Council and the School Council so they are one of the same.

All councillors have now been elected. In our first meeting we looked at a questionnaire to get everyone's opinion on the school. Mr Price turned the paper questionaire into an online version so it was easier to collect everyone's opinions. Once we get the results back we can then set our priorities for the term.

Maisie and Josh have been given a copy of the school Anti-bullying policy to work on so that the policy is accessible to all pupils

Busy week - the Children's Commissioner and The Minister of the Environment called at the school and were given a tour of the school and all the environmental projects 


The Junior children answered a questionnaire about what they think about the school. For example, "Are the cloak rooms tidy?" and the children would respond with a 'yes' or 'no' answer.

A lot was discussed this morning, (18/12/18) our school council decided to look at the responses online. We have decided to try and add automatic air fresheners for the Juniors cloak rooms. We talked about the success of our school disco and much more! Work is in progress and we have listened to every child's voice. We will share more soon. Also we have simplified the school's anti bullying policy. Click on this button to read it.

By Maisie.

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