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Wyau San Sior

Last year we produced over 20,000 eggs and we believe we are currently the only school in Wales registered to sell eggs to shops. Our Wyau San Sior enterprise led us to win the prestigious Enterprise Troopers Award - Best Enterprise in Wales by the Welsh Government.

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Up until recently we sold the eggs in boxes of 7, and the colourful eggs were displayed well in the plastic transparent boxes. However we felt that we needed to do our bit to protect the environment nad now sell the eggs in cardboard boxes instead.

Click on the chicken button (top right of this page) to read a case study ESTYN asked us to write, about the excellent prctices they saw at the school and how our school farm that helps improve pupils’ numeracy and literacy skills.

We also have a flock of colourful Chinese Golden Pheasants that add a splash of exotic colour to our playground!

Profits from the egg enterprise have been invested into bees and we now have an apiary on the school grounds with 7 bee hives with a further 3 bee hives on the national Trust Farm on the great Orme



HRH Prince Charles was particulary interested in the egg production and how we have used the profits from the egg enterprise to invest in honey production. Children take an active part in maintaining the hives, even going as far as collecting swarms. We have cameras on the hives that relay live footage of the bees to the school foyer so all can watch the bees as they return to the hives. All the honey is usually sold within a few days of harvest at the Conwy Honey fair. Matt Baker said that it was 'among the finest honey that he had ever tasted'. HRH Prince Charles also gave the honey his royal seal of approval. 


BBC Countryfile have also been to the school to film the school projects on two occasions


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