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Our Menagerie

As part of our Lead Creative School project we took photographs of the animals in our school menagerie and used the photographs to make greetings cards. The project was funded by the Arts Council for Wales and we loved working with Eleri Griffiths.

We have an extensive menagerie (or zoo) and the children take turns in caring for the animals. Schools visit us for workshops that are led by Year 5 and 6 pupils on conservation and to learn how the amazing creatures we have are adapted to their surroundings. Whether it be a chameleon shooting its long elastiated tongue or our hercules beetle, which can lift 150 times its own weight (equivalent to a human lifting 2 double decker buses!) or see a creature that has more teeth than a great white shark - but has only got one foot! Any ideas what this creature could be?

Only two creatures can move their eyes independantly of each other, the chameleon and the seahorse.

We put the tortoises in the fridge over the winter in order to hibernate them. We weigh them every week to make sure they do not lose too much weight. 

These images have been made into greetings cards available from the school office for £2.50 pack of eight different designs.

horned frog.jpg

Pacman Frog

Two periscope eyes,

He sits and waits for his prey.

Hardly ever moves.



Kaleidoscope skin.

He wears his shark-fin helmet

and wears it with pride

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