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Enterprising, creative contributors who are ready to play a full part in life and work.

Madfall Mentrus


Last year we produced 20,000+ eggs and our Wyau San Sior egg enterprise has won Welsh Government 'Best Primary Enterprise Award'|

Currently the only school in Wales registered to sell eggs to retail establishments BBC Countryfile have now visited the school twice to film.

Each week different clasess collect the eggs and activites are planned to ensure standards are raised in literacy and numeracy.

Whether it's testing the strength of eggs, measuring the decibel loudness of the cockerel or simply making cakes, the school egg enterprise is at the heart of our school's curriculum.


We currently have an apiary with 7 bee hives on the school site with a further 3 hives on the National Trust farm on the Great Orme.

The children are actively involved in all aspects of hive management and sometimes help with collecting swarms. Honey is sold from the school and also at Conwy Honey Fair.

Honey from different parts of the world is sampled as part of the Year 6 Fairtrade activities.

Cameras relay images of the bee hive entrances to the school foyer for further study

IMG_0304 (2).jpg

Mrs Jones made sure that the previous evening's BBQ wasn't wasted......... and the children studied the meteor that had 'apparently' crashed onto the playground.


Community Support Officers cordoned the area off and a scientist enlisted to explain what had happened. Children went on to write reports and used their measuring skills to measure marks left on the playground and weigh the meteor


The school has an extensive menagerie and the children are responsible for caring for the creatures. Children have researched many of the animals and offer workshops to visiting schools on conservation and adaptation.

Book your workshop now for just £45!

The children also use the creatures for creative writing sessions and as part of the Lead Creative School Project have made greetings cards which are available for sale from the school and from Oriel Mostyn

The children speak with confidence when talking about the school animals and we feel this is an excellent stimulus for developing creativity while at the same time developing an awe for the world around us

Using Nature to inspire Creativity. We used Cyanotype art, using what we could find around the school and at Pensychnant Nature Reserve and created cool cards.

Our designs were then used to make greetings cards. The children have visited a few shops to sell the cards and used their numeracy skills to calculate profits (Year 2 children). 

These youngsters really are Apprentices of the future.

We have an exhibition early next year. Date to be announced

The cards are available to buy from the school as well as from many places including Llandudno Tourist Cenre.


Year 6 busy enjoying working on a composition project with Mrs Carol Thomas composing and notating their own compositions to be performed with the music of Welsh composer Karl Jenkins. 

Expressive Arts naturally aligns itself with language and communication as well as offering a valuable tool to develop the teaching of other subjects including maths (rhythms, ratios, proportions, time, spatial awareness), humanities (cultural context, place and time) and health and wellbeing (mindfulness, physical movement, body awareness, proprioceptive).

Be My Bear Project - Links with a local business

We have been lucky enough to be part of a project with 'Be My Bear' in Mochdre this term. Ted, a special teddy, arrived in September (complete with San Sior school uniform!) and he has been our class mascot. 

He has accompanied Dosbarth Penrhyn on several outings and joins in with any fun class activities. We send photos of his adventures to 'Be My Bear' and then we are entered into a competition every month. If our photo is voted the best, we win a new outfit for Ted.

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