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Healthy, confident individuals who are ready to lead fulfilling lives as membersof society

Hebog Hyderus


Our children have pride in our school and are our best ambassadors. Our pupils regularly have opportunities to talk to visitors about the school's various projects and have appeared regularly on television. They have appeared twice on BBC Countryfile and even had the opportunity to show HRH Prince Charles around the school this year.

We strongly believe that confidence should be nurtured and children regularly meet with business leaders to promote the school enterprises.


We encourage parents to visit the  the school before enrolling their children at the school so that they can experience the school's unique ethos for themselves.

Children regularly run workshops on conservation for other schools.

Whenever we go to the school apiary and open the hives the children are at hand to lend a hand to check on the health of the hives as well as checking on the honey harvest.

Children are given responsibilities at the school; with each class nominating councillors who represent them in regular School Council Meetings.

The school has set up numerous enterprises from selling eggs, honey, chutney, to making their own range of greeting cards.

The children are often asked to promote the school enterprises and sell their products at Conwy Honey Fair as well as other markets.


Meet Celyn - our school Reading Dog. 

But what is a Reading Dog?

The idea is very simple – reading with dogs helps children to develop their reading skills, encourages positive behaviour and helps build self-confidence and self-esteem. Reading with dogs inspires children to have fun and enjoy the experience of reading,

In recent years, awareness of the emotional and social benefits of having a dog in schools has grown amongst educators and amongst the dog-loving public at large. Canine-assisted reading programmes can now be found nationwide.

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